Banana Flower – Muza Ornata

(mu-za or-na-ta)

This very unusual flower is botanically known as Musa ornata. It is commonly referred to as Flowering Banana or Bronze Banana. Musa ornata was originally native to Bangladesh and south east Asia, but is now grown in tropical regions for the floral trade. Banana flowers are not an every day flower at Stevens and Son. They are available by special order only either by the stem, or in our Costa Rica sampler box which is available at Valentine’s Day.

Please consult with your sales representative for this weeks availability.

Musa_Ornata Banana_ornata

  • Availability:
    Seasonally – special order
  • Colors:
  • Variations:
    Hawaiian grown – pictured left
    Costa Rican grown – pictured below
  • Sold in:
    By the stem
    Case lots
  • Shipped: