Dahlias are available in single or multiple petal types with flowers ranging in size from small 3″ flowers to blossoms of 8″ or more. The multiple petal varieties are what is most commonly used in the floral trade. Dahlia petals wilt from the rear of the flower, slowly working towards the face of the flower. These rear petals can be removed as they expire without dramatically effecting the look of the flower. Vase life is generally 5 days.

Dahlia - Aerial - Photo Credit Allison Linder


Ball Form

AliOopAli Oop

CrichtonHoneyCrichton Honey

Maroon Fox - Stevens Dahlia - Photo Credit Allison Linder

 Maroon Fox

2015 Maximum Brochure InsideRed Fox

Black Satin

 Black Satin

GoldenTorchGolden Torch

PinkBeautyPink Beauty

2015 Maximum Brochure Inside Santana

YellowBeautyYellow Beauty

CornelBronzeCornel Bronze


2015 Maximum Brochure InsidePurple Fox

2015 Maximum Brochure InsideStrawberry Frost

Decorative Form


2015 Maximum Brochure InsideEclipse

Dahlia - Lagoon - Photo Credit Allison Linder copy


2015 Maximum Brochure InsideMidnight Orange

2015 Maximum Brochure InsideOrange Burst

2015 Maximum Brochure InsidePalace Guard

PurpleDreamPurple Dream

Dahlia - Amora - Photo Credit Allison Linder



Dahlia - Naomi - Photo Credit Allison Linder copy


2015 Maximum Brochure InsidePink Charm

2015 Maximum Brochure InsidePosh

2015 Maximum Brochure InsideRed Sparkle

2015 Maximum Brochure InsideSunrise


Kaisha Lea

 Kaisha Lea

Dahlia - Orange - Photo Credit Allison LinderOrange

PinkSkyPink Sky



Dahlia - White - Photo Credit Allison Linder


Water Lily Form



2015 Maximum Brochure CoverThalia

Dinnerplate Form

Dahlia - Cafe Au Lait - Photo Credit Allison Linder copy

Cafe Au Lait

2015 Maximum Brochure CoverRed Wonder

OrangeWonderOrange Wonder


Thomas Edison

YellowWonderYellow Wonder

2015 Maximum Brochure CoverPink Paradise

WhiteWonderWhite Wonder

Collarette Form


Cactus Form

Cactus Dahlia - Photo Credit Allison Linder

Dahlia - Cactus Red - Photo Credit Allison Linder