Droopy Flowers

Do you have a problem with droopy flowers? Well here are three solutions to help fix your droopy problems. 
The first tip comes from the book “Flowers A to Z” by Cecelia Heffernan. She explains one way to fix your flowers that wilt or droop prematurely is to “cut them short and place them in slightly warmer water.” Cutting them and placing them in warm water will “help the flowers absorb the water more quickly.”
Our second tip is also from Cecelia. Sometimes flower heads are too heavy for it’s stem. The stems become “water logged and stop conveying water to the blossom. A tiny prick below the head of the flower will release air, thus increasing water flow.”
Our last tip comes from a local florist here in Colorado. She explains that sometimes certain flowers (calla lilies, anthuriums, and tulips) placed in too much water will take in too much water. They’ll keep drinking and won’t stop. Placing your flowers in no more than two inches of water will help your flowers take in water easier and at a slower pace. We tested this theory here at Stevens and Son. We took some of our own Stevens and Son Colorado grown tulips and placed them in two inches of water. The picture shown below shows how our week old tulips handled this process and they are standing up straight and proud! Just remember, a little water goes a long way!
Tulips in low water
Photo Courtesy: Allison Linder

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