Stevens and Son Holiday Greens 2019

Mixed Greens Xo3o 30#

We are extremely proud to present a comprehensively curated array of Holiday Decor items that have been Hand picked, packed, and handmade. Sourced from the forests of the Northwest, Southwest, and all over the U.S.A. Early Bird Discounts offered on Orders Booked by October 28th, 2019.

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Please let us know if you want your greens before or after Thanksgiving November 28th, 2019 for best freshness!

Bulk Boughs & Tips

Berried Juniper

X025 25# Berried Juniper

Port Orford Cedar

X014 40# Port Orford Cedar

Incense Cedar

X012 20# Incense Cedar

Coned Cedar

X010 25# Coned Cedar

Western Red Cedar

X015 25# Western Red Cedar

Noble Fir Bough

X016 25# Bale Douglas Fir

X017 25# Douglas Fir Boughs

Noble Fir

X019 25# Bale Noble Fir

X020 25# Noble Fir Bough

X021 25# Noble Fir Tips

Silver Fir

X023 25# Silver Fir Boughs

X024 25# Silver Fir Tips

Shore Pine

X029 30# Shore Pine Bough

Princess Pine Bough

X026 30# Princess Pine Boughs

X028 25# Princess Pine Tips


X030 30# Mixed Evergreens

X031 45# Mixed Evergreens

Boxwood Tips

X007 20# Boxwood Tips (Carolina)

Bulk Holly & Winterberry

Green Holly

Green Holly

X115 5#

X116 13#


Variegated Holly

X118 5#

X119 13#

Wintberry Group 10# 15# 18#


X120 10#

X121 15#

X122 18#


Cedar Garland

X033 75′ Cedar

X034 25′ Cedar

DOuglas Fir Garland

X036 75′ Douglas Fir


X037 75′ Mixed Pine & Firs Garland

Mixed Garland

X035 25′ Mixed Garland

Noble Fir Garland

X039 25″ Noble Fir Heavy Garland

Mixed Heavy Garland

X040 25′ Mixed Heavy Garland

Grave Blankets

Grave Blanket copy

Grave Blankets

X125 Child 3′ x 5′

X126 Adult 3′ x 7′


Sleeved Evergreen Bouquet

X155 Sleeved Evergreen Bouquets 20/cs.

Swag XLX156 Extra Large Swag 30″-36″ 10/cs.


X157 Traditional Swag 18″-22″ 20/cs.

Swag Mini

X158 Mini Swag 12″-14″ 30/cs.

Mixed Bunch with Cones

X159 Mixed Bunch with Cones 20/cs.

Pine Cones


X110 Lodgepole

1″ – 2″ approx.



X111 Ponderosa

3″ – 5″



X109 Jeffrey




X 112 Sugar

9″ – 18″


Consumer Bunches

Sleeved Evergreen Bouquet

X155 Evergreen Bouquets

Port Orford Cedar

X175 2# Port Orford Cedar

Noble Fir Bough

X169 1.5# Douglas Fir

Incense Cedar

X170 1.5# Incense Cedar

Berried Juniper

X171 1.5# Berried Juniper

Noble Fir

X172 1.5# Noble Fir

Princess Pine Bough

X173 1.5# Princess Pine

Silver Fir

X174 1.5# Silver Fir

Winterberry Bunch


X123 4-stem bunch

X1231 XL 5-stem bunch

Green Holly


X114 Green Holly Bunch


X117 Variegated Holly Bunch


X124 Mistletoe Gift Package (Late Nov.)

X1242 Mistletoe 1# (Late Nov.)

Southern Greens Bunches

Carolina Sapphire - Photo Credit Allison Linder

X181 Carolina Sapphire

X184 Variegated Leland Cypress


X186 Ming Pine

Magnolia Tips - Side - Photo Credit Allison Linder

X 189 Magnolia Tips

Green Holly

X183 Holly Berry


X178 Casuarina

Wreaths Outside Diameter

Mixed Wreath


X054 18″

X055 20″

X056 23″

X057 26″

X0571 30″

X0581 36″

X059 40″

X060 48″

Wreath- Square MixedSquare Mixed

X064 20″

X065 26″

Noble Fir Wreath

X045 18″

X045 20″

X046 23″

X047 26″

X0471 30″

X048 36″

X049 40″

X050 48″

Candle Ring

Candle Ring



Magnolia Wreath

X194 24″

boxwood wreath round

Green Boxwood

X0052 20″

X0055 23″

X0056 26″

Square Green Boxwood
Square Green Boxwood

X0053 20″

X0051 26″

Below Items & Centerpieces Are Sold By The Case Only & By Prebook.

Must Be Prebooked By October 31st, 2019


X191 75′ Boxwood Garland Each

D-114 Deluxe Log Basket Centerpiece

XD114 Deluxe Log Basket Centerpiece


Handcrafted log basket lined with green moss and filled with Christmas greens. Trimmings include: pine cones, blue berries, and a plaid burlap bow.

D-120BC Classic Centerpiece

XD120BC Classic Centerpiece with Candle


Made with fresh greens. Red tapered candle included.

D123 basket Centerpiece

XD123  Basket Centerpiece


Made with noble fir, western red cedar, princess pine, pine cones, and red berries. Approximately 10″W x 11″H

D-127 Christmas Tree Centerpiece

XD127  Christmas Tree 14″ Tall


Made with noble fir, with red berry clusters, and painted white pine cones.

D-131 Sleigh Arrangement

XD131  Sleigh Arrangement


Made with pacific northwest noble fir, western red cedar, blue berried juniper, pine cones, red berries, with a tartan plaid bow.

D-135 8in Kissing Ball

XD135  8″ Kissing Ball


Made with fresh noble fir, western red cedar, festive red berries, and pine cones.

D141 HollyCenterPiece

XD141  Holly Centerpiece


Made with fresh noble fir, western red cedar, faux variegated holly and berries.

D-149 Deluxe Centerpiece

XD149  Deluxe Centerpiece with Candle


Made with noble fir, cedar, and juniper, white pine cones, red berries, and a red candle on a gold pedestal. Approximately 10″W x 12″H

D-150 Christmas Tree Wreath

XD150  Christmas Tree Wreath


Made with noble fir, western red cedar, lodgepole cone clusters and a wood bundle tree trunk. Approximately 28″ in length

D-158 Yuletide Hanging Basket

XD158  Yuletide Hanging Basket


The 10″ basket, Made with Noble Fir, Port Orford Cedar, and Oregonia, along with red berries and white painted pine cones.

D-166 Lantern w_led candle

XD166  Lantern w/LED Candle


Classic red metal candle lantern. Made with noble fir, and cedar. Includes a 3″ LED pillar candle (Battery included). Approximately 15.5″ tall.

D-167 Birdhouse Centerpiece

XD167  Birdhouse Centerpiece with Cardinal


6″ tall wooden birdhouse. Made with noble fir, cedar, pine, red berries, pine cones, and a 3″ red cardinal.

D-168 Birch Log Centerpiece

XD168  Birch Log Centerpiece


Woodsy birch log made with noble fir, pine, and cedar, with cinnamon sticks, red berries, pine cones, and a red candle. Approximately 18″-20″ long x 10″ tall.

Mini Sweets Asst.

XD170  Mini Sweets Centerpiece


3.5″ asst. planters: candy stripes or snowflakes.  Filled with noble fir, cedar, red berries, and three clay-dough ornaments.

D-171 Eucalyptus Berry Centerpiece

XD171  Eucalyptus & Berry Centerpiece


6″ round birch bark pot. Made with noble fir and seeded eucalyptus, with pine cones, white tallow berries, deep red berries, and a red taper candle.

D-173 U.S. Mailbox Ctp

XD173  US Mailbox Centerpiece


Made of weathered metal with a workable hinged door and flag. Made with noble fir, cedar, red sparkle berries, a white pine cone, and bow.

D-174 Winter Whimsies Ctp Asst

XD174  Winter Whimsies Asst.


An assortment featuring Frosty the Snowman, the Nutcracker, and Santa. Made with noble fir, cedar, red berries, white pine cones, and a 2.25″ mini character. Approximately 10″W x 10″H.

D-178 Santa Sack

XD178  Santa Sack Arrangement


Made with princess pine, douglas fir, and western red cedar, accompanied with a figurine, white pine cones, and red berries.

D179 Coal Bucket Centerpiece

XD179  Coal Bucket


Vintage bronze coal bucket and black shovel. Made with noble fir, western red cedar, red berries, a gold pine cone, and plaid bow.

D182 White Candle Lantern

XD182 White Candle Lantern


17″ tall white ornate lantern. Made with deep green salal, cedar, huckleberry, oregonia, and bear grass surrounding an ivory LED candle. May be hung or placed as a centerpiece.

D184 Cup of Cheer

XD184 Cup of Cheer


12 oz red & white porcelain enamel mug filled with noble fir, blue berried juniper, cedar, pine,  candy cane, and red, white, and silver ball ornaments. Approximately 10″ x 10″.

D191 Gift Box Centerpiece

XD191 Gift Box Centerpiece


Made with noble fir, cedar, and pine, with sparkly red berries, white pine cones, and a bow. Approximately 12″ x 12″.

D192 Frosty's Hat

XD192 Frosty’s Hat Centerpiece


Made with noble fir and cedar, red glitter berries, white pine cones, and a Frosty the Snowman novelty pick. 8″ brim base, 5″ pot size finishes at approximately 10″ tall.

D193 Bronze Candle Lantern

XD193 Bronze Candle Lantern


15.5″ tall bronze metal lantern. Made with deep noble fir, cedar, pine, faux red berries, and natural pine cones surrounding an 3 x 3 ivory LED candle. May be hung or placed as a centerpiece.

GG102 Grab N Go Centerpiece Asst.

XGG102 Grab N Go Table Toppers


3.5″ pots are filled with noble fir, cedar, and dried naturals. Approximately 8″ tall. Case assortment red, pine green, & apple green.