Wholesale Roses Direct from the Farm to your Door

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You are in control. Tell us what you need, and we’ll make it happen. Perhaps you didn’t know, but Stevens
and Son Wholesale florist is the farm. Unlike other suppliers operating out of a brick and motor building claiming to be the farm, if you visit Stevens, you will see flowers growing right here in our greenhouses only steps away from your salesperson’s desk!

If we are importing wholesale fresh cut flowers for your floral enterprise, you are in control. We import fresh cut flowers from around the world, six days per week, 52 weeks a year.

Most inbound floral products clear U.S. Customs in Miami, Florida.

For example, if you have a box of wholesale roses coming in direct from one of our farms, it is possible to have that box of roses shipped directly to your shop, by your choice of transportation. However, a cost savings can be achieved by transporting your box of roses on our temperature controlled refrigerated carrier, which will deliver to our wholesale facility.

Upon receipt your roses can then be combined with other fresh cut flowers, fillers, greens and supplies, then shipped directly to you from our Arvada, Colorado Wholesale Greenhouses.

We also offer at no extra charge, value added services, such as our exclusive hydration process, and hardening off the rose so it is design ready, upon arrival to you.

You “Our Customer” is in control. You may want a standing order for the same rose variety, and grade shipped direct to you each week year round. Or you may choose to change the rose varieties from one week to the next. Whether buying a full box, half box, or roses by the bunch, you are in control. 

Contact your fresh cut Floral Professional at Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist to see what a difference FRESH will make for you and your customers!