Snapdragons are botanically known as Antirrhinum majus. Snapdragons received their common name from the distinct “Pop” the unopened flower makes when squeezed. 

Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist grows many of the Snaps that we offer to our clients in our own 100,000 square foot greenhouse. Snapdragon flowers open from the bottom of the spike upward. They can drink a lot of water… be sure to check your buckets frequently. Snaps have a vase life of 10 to 14 days depending on bud stage and environmental conditions.


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  • Availability:
    Stevens grown – year round with breaks in supply
    California grown – year round
  • Colors:
    Burgundy, lavender, pink, hot pink, orange, peachy-orange, purple, white, yellow, and bi-colors
  • Variations: 
    Blue Grade #1
    Number 2’s
  • Sold in:
    Bunches (10 stems per bunch)
    Case lots
  • Shipped:


Please consult with your sales representative for this weeks availability of our “Home Grown” Snapdragons.