“Gathering Vase” Teresa’s Test Drive

Allison Linder Gathering Vase 1     Allison Linder Gathering Vase 3
8″ Gathering Vase
4 3/4″ Opening/ Case of 9
or its twin..
Case of 6
There are also Fatter & Slender Versions of the 8″ Gathering Vase Available
Teresa shares her opinion on working with the Gathering Vase. “The Gathering Vase is one of the easiest vases to design in. The “Waistline” in the middle is the perfect spot for the stems to cross and allow for an abundant spread on the flowers without having to demand it. Even though this is a roomy bouquet there is no noticeable lack of stability because of it, not to mention it is really easy to carry one handed. There are some gathering vases with thicker glass but I think that this one is just right, classy and timeless.”
This bouquet contains:
1 Bunch of Johnsonii Grevillea
4 Large Sunflowers
6 Stems Orange Freesia
1 Bunch of Purple Tracellium
2 Stems Green Buttons
6 Fuchsia Anemone
1 Stem Solidago Mardi Gras
2 Stems Israeli Ruscus
2 Stems Willow Eucalyptus
Curly Willow Tips
Don’t forget!!
When you pre-book your vase order at Stevens and Son you receive a 15% discount on each case ordered!

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