“Ginger Vase” Teresa’s Test Drive



Ginger Vase 1 Ginger Vase 4


10 3/4″ Ginger Vase
4 1/2″ opening/Case of 4
“Ginger jars are one of my favorite’s due to the large amount of water they hold and the resulting transport stability. This stability also comes in handy when the wind picks up at your outdoor wedding” says Teresa.
This is a great vase for large arrangement without being so demanding on stem length (the roses used were only 50 cm long). The 4 1/2″ opening allows for a fuller, more compact arrangement (broad vs. tall).
This arrangement contains some wedding favorites:
20 white O’hara
7 Pink Ranunculus
1 Bunch Green Mist
1 Bunch Privet Berry
2 Bunches Purple Tracellium
5 Stems Dusty Miller
1 Stem Curly Willow
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