“Grecian Urn” Teresa’s Test Drive

Allison Linder Grecacian Urn Photo 1   Allison Linder Grecacian Urn Photo 2
14″ Grecian Urn
4259-02-09 from Syndicate Sales
5 1/2″ Opening/Case of 2For this Tropical arrangement Teresa explains, “I decided to be daring and forgo putting a tape grid over the opening. At first the heavy flowers were trying to lean to the outside, but once it was about half full I threaded the ginger heads through the notches of the leaf stems made on the Tropic Fleur Heliconia and everyone behaved beautifully.”
The prominent edge on the base of the vase helps hold everything in place. The wide flat base, thick glass, and water volume will keep even this heavy bouquet upright during transport.
Allison Linder Grecacian Urn Photo 3        Allison Linder Grecacian Urn Photo 4
This arrangement contains:
6 Tropic Fleur Heliconia
6 Large Red Ginger Heads
10 XL Oncidium Orchids
10 Hot Pink Aranda Orchids
3 Large Anthurium Leaves
1 Bunch of Umbrella Palm
1/2 Bunch of Finger Acacia


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