“Lula Vase” Teresa’s Test Drive

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7″ Lula Vase
4 1/8″ opening /case of 6
also available in:
Cottage Lane Ombre (New Color This Year)
Farmers Market (New Color This Year)
Samgria (New Color This Year)

This vase has a large capacity wide mouth. The wide base and narrowed neck allow for a generous spread. The Glass is thinner than most utility vases which lends itself to a more high end look.

“I wanted to see just how large of an arrangement could be made in this vase” says Teresa.

The bouquet pictured containes:
5 Stems #2 Conca ‘Dor Lilys
10 Stems #1 Asiatic Lilys
16 Stems Anemone
10 Stems Tulips
10 Stems #2 Snaps
10 Stems Freesia
6 Stems Dusty Miller
All of these flowers were grown locally at the Stevens and Son’s Greenhouses.

Teresa Claims “It’s my opinion that the Lula Vase is a versatile addition to the Syndicate Sales line-up.”

Don’t forget!!
When you pre-book your vase order at Stevens and Son you recieive a 15% discount on each case ordered!

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