“Rosie Posie” Teresa’s Test Drive

Allison Linder Rosie Posie 1Allison Linder Rosie Posie 2  Allison Linder Rosie Posie 3
5″ Rosie Posie Vase, Vintage Green
3 1/2″ Opening / Case of 12
Clear, Vintage Amber, Vintage Blue, Vintage Green, Vintage Purple, and Vintage Pink
also comes in..
Case of 12 Asst. Pack of Purple, Pink, Blue, and Green.
Teresa gives us her thoughts with the Rosie Posie Vases. “I think this is one of the most underrated vases around. It is tough, reasonable priced, has a nice wide base for stability, and just look at how amazing of a centerpiece you can create in one of these vases. It is really user friendly, the sharp turn up from the base locks the stem into place and prevents the stems from “walking” up the sides. The narrower opening gives you the option of “a little” or “a lot” when it comes to how much product you need. The arrangement pictured is 32″ wide, the dendrobium orchids showed no signs of misbehavior as I worked. I chose to make this one “long and low” but I would have had no trouble making it taller or all the way around.”
This bouquet contains:
5 Purple Aranda Orchids
9 Fuschia Hawaiian Dendrobium Orchids
1 Bunch (10 Stems) Lavender Freesia
12 Stems Red Piano Garden Roses
Dusty Miller
Don’t forget!!
When you pre-book your vase order at Stevens and Son you receive a 15% discount on each case ordered!


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