“Trio Vase” Teresa’s Test Drive

Allison Linder Photo 5
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9″ Trio Vase
2″ Opening/Style of 3, Case of 12
Available in Clear, White (pictured), Sheer Breeze, Breeze, Cobalt, & Black
The flat bottom on this vase helps with stability but you may want to hang onto the box for delivery. This shape lends itself well to a tall and skinny arrangement. Teresa says, “I was running out of vase room by the time I was done with these, but on the bright side it takes less product to finish them.”
“For the larger black berry shown I used green hypericum painted black with a light dusting of silver over the top”
Each arrangement includes approximately:
3 Red Piano Garden Roses
6 White Anemone
3 Ying Yang Pompons
4 Stems Dusty Miller
3 White Lisianthus
2 Privet Berry
3 Painted Hypericum
Don’t forget!!
When you pre-book your vase order at Stevens and Son you receive a 15% discount on each case ordered!

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