“Two Dozen Rose Vase” Teresa’s Test Drive


Allison Linder Two Dozen Rose Vase 1

Allison Linder Two Dozen Rose Vase 2 Allison Linder Two Dozen Rose Vase 4

10″ Two Dozen Rose Vase
5 3/4″ Opening/ Case of 6
“I have seen this vase met with skepticism in regards to whether or not it will actually hold two dozen roses, I assure you it will. Best of all, it requires no tape grid to get started and a minimal amount of greenery. The hourglass shape makes it effortless to create a nice spread, and much easier to carry.”  says Teresa.
This arrangement contains:
30 stems of Stevens and Son grown Asiatic Lilies
(3 varieties: Menorca (peach), Brunello (bright orange), Royal Sunset (deep bi-color orange)
25 stems of Stevens grown light blue iris
3 stems green hanging amaranthus
1/2 bunch bupleurum
Don’t forget!!
When you pre-book your vase order at Stevens and Son you receive a 15% discount on each case ordered!


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