Get Rid of Stinky Flower Smells

Yes flowers can give off a glorious intoxicating smell . . .
but then PEW WEE! There’s some that are just plain TOXIC!
A famous floral item during this time of year is the Berried Juniper. it’s a great product to use for the holidays but sometimes you avoid using it because, well, IT JUST STINKS!
Well FEAR NOT! Our wonderful Teresa has given us yet another helpful tip to get rid of those stinky flower smells.
Our answer? FEBREZE!
Yep! That’s right! All you do is spray those smelly plants with a little febreze and POOF the smell is gone!
This trick also works on that stinky ‘Cat Pee’ smell that Misty Blue Limonium possess. And I’m sure it’ll work on other stinky flowers and foliage as well! So let’s work some magic and find out! Please share if you have any other stinky flowers this febreze trick vanishes.

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