Stevens is Growing Green!

Stevens is launching a “Growing Green” campaign for 2012

What we are currently doing:

Growing our Own Product –
• By growing here in our greenhouses we are therefore reducing the
carbon footprint left by shipping product.

Recycling Paper –
• We reuse paper by printing on both sides as well as recycling.

Reusing Cardboard Boxes –
• We reuse shipping boxes for local customer orders as well as
recycling corrugated cardboard.
• We pick up boxes from our customers to reuse or recycle.

Passive Solar Collection –
• We are a greenhouse structure, which heats and cools our building
using less energy.

Recycling Water –
• We have a water wall that circulates and reuses water to cool the
• Rainwater runoff is collected and funneled to our local crops.

Selling Recycled Floral Products –
• We carry a line of products from Syndicate Sales that is made from
recycled glass, as well as Recreations containers made from recycled

Reusing Packing Material –
• We reuse paper sleeves, shredded paper and other packing materials
to ship our products.

Partnering with Calabrese Greenhouse –
• Our partnership allows deliveries to be made from both our
greenhouse and theirs on one route. This decreases our carbon

What we are changing to “Go Green’’:

We will begin composting our flower waste here on site to be used as a soil
amendment for growing our local product.

Increasing recycling efforts:
We will be placing recycling bins all over our building and greenhouse to
make it more convenient to recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic
products. We will also recycle ink and toner cartridges.

Launching an email effort: We are offering our customers the option to be
sent promotional material via email to reduce the paper and ink used.

Educating: We will be educating our sales staff, employees and customers
about steps being taken to become environmentally friendly and encouraging
them to participate, as well as educating the public about our efforts.

Stevens and Son Wholesale Florists is launching a “Growing Green” campaign for
2012. We are making a considerable effort to build a sustainable business in which we
incorporate and focus on these four principles.
1. Incorporating principles of sustainability into each of our business decisions.
2. Supplying environmentally friendly products or services that replace demand
for non‐green products and/or services.
3. Leading our industry through innovation and collective efforts by sustainable
business practices.
4. Making an enduring commitment to environmental principles in our business

We are taking the following actions to build on these principles of sustainability:
Composting: We will begin composting our flower waste here on site to be used to
grow our local product.
Increasing recycling efforts: We will be placing recycling bins all over our building
and greenhouse to make it more convenient to recycle paper, cardboard, aluminum
and plastic products. We will also recycle ink and toner cartridges.
Launching an email effort: We will offer our customers the option to be sent
promotional material via email to reduce the paper and ink used.
Educating: We will be educating our sales staff, employees and customers about
steps we are taking to become environmentally friendly and encouraging them to
participate. We will also educate the public about our efforts.
We encourage the collaboration of our customers in buying locally grown products
and the recycling and reusing of packaging materials. We also encourage any
suggestions or new ideas of ways we can further our goal of “Growing Green.” We
greatly appreciate the help and support of our floral family in making this push to a
greener more environmentally friendly 2012.



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