This Winterberry Tip May Save Your Holiday!

Winterberry Detail 2


Winterberry is one of the most popular floral items during the winter season. Here’s a tip well worth listening to, shared by our very own Teresa, that may save your holiday from becoming a disaster!


WInterberry Detail 4


Winterberry Detail 3If you’re planning on using your winterberry as outside decor, be sure to purchase it DRY. A lot of our floral items are freshly cut, dipped in our floral solution, and placed in water. Which is a great way to preserveĀ and keep our flowers looking fresh for a generous amount of time. Here at Stevens there are some items that we keep wet and dry.


But for the purpose of this article, and I can’t say this enough, if you plan on using your winterberry OUTSIDE, be sure to purchase it DRY. Once winterberry is cut and placed in water, if it is placed outside those beautiful vibrant red berries will freeze and quickly turn black. Ruining that fabulous Holiday red we all love about this wonderful plant.



Luckily, unlike most places, we sell our winterberry wet and dry! So be sure to keep in mind the type of environment your floral design will be hanging out at, that way, you are prepared to purchase the right kind of winterberry.


  1. Could you post a picture of the dried winterberry on you site so we have an idea of the change in the berry when dried.

    • Thank you for your comment! Actually these are pictures of the winterberry when it is dried. The color of the berry does not change whether it is wet or dry. It will only change and turn black if it is purchased wet and placed outside.


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