We have a large variety of wraps and wrapping paper. Please ask your salesperson for this week’s availability of what we have in stock.

Clayrton’s Sleeves and Pot Covers

From Oasis Floral Products

“A boutique collection designed for flower, plant and gift packaging. Exclusively brought from the fashion-forward design hub of France, these waterproof sleeves com in bold colors and patterns.”

We carry the Clayrton’s Pleated Sleeves Natural Assortment & Rubis Assortment. Each 120 piece package features 12 compact bundles of 10 sleeves in assorted patterns for a fantastic price! Please contact your sales rep for further details. 303-279-6254

Natural Assortment


Rubis Assortment


Clayrton's Sleeves and Pot Covers


Natural Wrap Bark

Natural Wrap – Bark

6.6′ x 2″ roll

Natural Wrap Leaves

Natural Wrap – Leaves

6.6′ x 2″ roll

Natural Wrap Orange

Natural Wrap – Orange

6.6′ x 2″ roll

Natural Wrap Wood

Natural Wrap – Wood

6.6′ x 2″ roll

Wrapping Paper


Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper

30″ x 415 & 30″ x 833

Christmas Cheer

“Christmas Cheer”

30″ x 833

Woodberry on Natural

“Woodberry on Natural”

30″ x 833

Say it with Flowers

“Say it With Flowers”

30″ x 833



30″ x 415

Hearts N Flowers

“Hearts & Flowers”

30″ x 415



30″ x 415