Cornflower is botanically known as Centaura Cyanus. Other common names include: Knapweed and Bachelor’s Button. Originally native to the Middle East and Europe, Cornflower is grown commercially for the floral trade on the west coast. Cornflower is also a popular annual garden plant that grows 10″ to 16″ in height.

 Cornflower - Side - Photo Credit Allison Linder Cornflower - Aerial - Photo Credit Allison Linder

Cornflower - Detail - Photo Credit Allison Linder  Cornflower - Wild and Free - Photo Credit Allison Linder Cornflower - Wild and Free Detail - Photo Credit Allison Linder

Photo Credit: Allison Linder©

Cornflower is usually available from April through November. It’s most common color is blue, but have also been available in pink, white, and burgundy in past years. Cornflower is sold in bunches and has a vase life of 5 to 7 days depending on bud stage and environmental conditions. Please ask your sales representative for this weeks availability.