Cymbidiums Orchids


Cymbidiums are one of the most commonly used cut Orchids in the floral trade. Their large 3″ to 4″ “Butterfly” like flowers have a vase life of two weeks or more, depending on cultivar and environment.¬†

Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist ships all of our Cymbidium Orchids with water tubes and a protective sleeve on each stem.





  • Availability:
    Year round with seasonal color break

New Zealand Large Cymbidium color chart (click on photo below)

New Zealand Mini Cymbidium color chart (click on photo below)



  • Colors:
  • Shades of Brown, burgundy, greens, lavenders, pinks, pure lips, oranges, white, yellows
  • Variations:
    Mini Cymbidium Spray
    Large Cymbidium Spray  
  • Sold in:
    Individually by the stem
    Case lots
  • Shipped:


Please consult with your sales representative for this weeks availability.