English Lavender

English Lavender is botanically known as Lavandula Angustifolia. Of the 28 species of Lavendula, English Lavender is the most popular in the floral industry. The small fragrant filler flower was originally native to the Mediterranean region but now is grown on the west coast as a commercial crop.

English Lavender has a vase life of 3 to 7 days depending on bid stage and environmental conditions. English Lavender air dries quite well and retains its fragrance.

We also have French Lavender available during certain times of the year.


English Lavender

English Lavender - Photo Credit Allison Linder

French Lavender

French Lavender - Photo Credit Allison Linder

French Lavender - Detail - Photo Credit Allison Linder

Photo Credit: Allison Linder©

  • Availability:
    Seasonally – Early spring thru summer
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    English & French
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    Bunches (10 or more stems per bunch)
    Case Lots
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