Spring Plants

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Stevens “Home Grown” Spring Plants and Hanging Baskets

The first of every year turns a new leaf as it marks the beginning of spring planting season at Stevens and Son. A large section of our 100,000 square foot greenhouse is devoted to the production of our spring Patio pots and Hanging Baskets. With over 3,000 baskets in production, it is a busy time for the greenhouse crew.


The recipes for our 12″ Combination Baskets include many of the new hybrid introductions from Proven Winners®. These field tested hybrid varieties have excellent vigor, blossoming into a wonderful display of vivid colors, with never ending consumer appeal.

We also grow 12″ Ivy Geraniums in a multitude of colors. These easy to grow, cascading plants will serve up a shower of flowers for the entire summer.

In addition to 10″ Combination Baskets and 10″ Ivy Geraniums… we round off our line of spring baskets with the ever popular Fuchsia, grown in 12″ hanging baskets. These partial sun loving plants never stop flowering. They’re an excellent choice for covered patios that receive either early morning or late day sunshine, as well as filtered all day sun.

The majority of our spring patio hanging baskets are sold here in our local market, as they are difficult to box and ship out of state.

To view pricing and availability of our Spring Baskets and Planters please visit our Weekly Updates page on our website.


Zonal Geraniums

Asst. Colors, Red, White, Salmon, Pink, Lavender, & Orange in 6″ & 12″

Zonal Geraniums

Hanging Baskets:

Annual Mixed available in 10″ & 12″









Ivy Geranium

Ivy Geraniums









Hanging Baskets:

Fiber Container w/ Mixed Annuals 18″

Fiber Container Supertunia, Pink 18″

Moss Containers w/ Mixed Annuals 20″

Patio Planters: Terra Cotta Colored Plastic Container

Mixed Annuals 10″, 12″, 16″, and 20″

For pricing on our Spring Hanging baskets and Patio pots… Visit the customer area and download the Spring Plants list.

Here are a few photos of last years baskets.

Spring Baskets & Planters Gallery

Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist Spring Baskets Start 3, 2018 IMG_0664

Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist Spring Baskets Start 1, 2018 IMG_0657

 IMG_0613 Spring Plants - Photo Credit Allison Linder

IMG_0658 IMG_1260  IMG_1239 IMG_0661

IMG_1230 IMG_1229 IMG_1223  

 IMG_1211 IMG_1208

Photo Credit: Allison Linder©