Winterberry is also known as Michigan Winterberry. It is a member of the Ilex family. Winterberry is probably the most colorful of all the fall to winter berried branches. Stevens and Son only has Winterberry available during the month of December.

Be sure to read this Winterberry Tip, it just may save your holiday from becoming a disaster!


Winterberry Bunch

Winterberry Bunch MeasuredWInterberry Detail 4

Winterberry Detail 2 Winterberry Detail 3 Winterberry Detail 5

During our Holiday Season we also sell Winterberry by the bulk case!


Wintberry Group 10# 15# 18# Winterberry Group 2 Winterberry Group

Winterberry Large Winterberry Medium Winterberry Small

Wintberry Measures Large Winterberry Measured Medium Winterberry Measured Small

  • Availability:
    Seasonally – December
  • Colors:
  • Variations:
  • Sold in:
    1 pound bunch (2 to 4 stems)
    10lb cases
    15lb cases
    18lb cases
  • Shipped:

Please consult with your sales representative for this weeks availability.