Banksia Orange Frost

Banksia Protea

Baksia Protea - Detail - Photo Credit Allison Linder

Banksia Protea - Aerial - Photo Credit Allison Linder Banksia Protea - Side - Photo Credit Allison Linder

Photo Credit: Allison Linder©



Banksia is botanically know as Banksia prionotes. It is a native Australian tree that reaches 30 feet in height.¬†Immature flower heads will have a band of orange at the base of the cone. As the flower matures the entire cone will turn orange. Each cone actually consists of 100’s of small flowers. Banksia Orange Frost can be safely kept in the cooler with other flowers providing the temperature is at or above 36 degrees. Vase life is exceptional at 2 to 3 weeks. Banksia flowers dry quite well. To air dry Banksia, just hang them upside down in a dark area.

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