Crocosmia Flower

Crocosmia is the cousin of Montbretia. Both are native to the grasslands of Southern Africa and are members of the Iris family. This beautiful cut flower has foliage similar to a Gladiolus. The flower heads of Crocosmia are quite similar in appearance to that of Freesia. Like Freesia the flower buds open from the bottom of the stem working there way to the top. Crocosmia flowers are long and tube like. Vase life is 7 to 14 days depending on bud stage and environmental conditions. Crocosmia is ethylene sensitive.


Crocosmia - Side 3 - Photo Credit Allison Linder Crocosmia - Single - Photo Credit Allison Linder

Photo Credit: Allison Linder ©

Crocosmia Pod

Crocosmia Pods - Side - Photo Credit Allison Linder Corcosmia Pods - Detail - Photo Credit Allison Linder

Photo Credit: Allison Linder©

Crocosmia is available year round with occasional breaks in supply. It comes in shades of red to orange and are sold in bunches. Please consult your salesperson for this weeks availability.