Daffodils are a medium sized form flower that is lightly scented. Upon arrival the stems should be pinched as opposed to cutting. This inhibits the latex like sap from contaminating the the water in the display bucket or arrangement.

Daffodils are either greenhouse grown or field grown. Field grown Daffodils are usually shorter in overall length and inexpensively priced. Greenhouse Daffodils are much larger in size and a better quality product. Production cost for greenhouse grown Daffodils is much higher than those grown outdoors in the field hence their higher price point.

Daffodils - Photo Credit Allison Linder'

Daffodils are seasonally available. They come in an assortment of colors: shades of cream, orange, white, yellow, and bi-colors. Vase life is usually 4 to 6 days. Please consult with your salesperson for this week’s availability.