There are Three Types of Smilax:

Southern Smilax, which can only be purchased in a big bulk box. It is only available from July to March.

Wild Smilax has a more “wild” look to it. You can purchase Wild Smilax in either a bag or by a bulk box. This is available all year round.

The Third option is Wedding Smilax which is much smaller and only can be purchased in a small bag. This is available all year round.

Whether you’re purchasing Southern, Wild, or Wedding Smilax all are required to have at least one week’s pre-book notice to your salesperson.

At times, we do have Wild Smilax bags in stock. Please ask your salesperson for this week’s availability on our bagged wild smilax.


Southern Smilax

6 Cubic Feet Box

( 80-100 ft. of Smilax Vine )

Southern Smilax 2 Southern Smilax 3 Southern Smilax

(Available from July to March)

Wild Smilax

4.375 Cubic Feet Box

Wild Smilax 2 Wild Smilax

(Available All Year Round)

Wedding SmilaxSmilax

(Available All Year Round)

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