Water Lilies

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Water Lilies are a rare and exotic tropical flower that are real attention getters. Use Water Lilies alone or in combination with other flowers.

Water Lilies are easy to keep but they must be treated similar to other tropical flowers and kept out of the regular flower cooler. Optimum storage temperature is around 60 degrees. Keep vase water clean and topped off.

If your shop doesn’t have a tropical cooler just display them on the sales counter and let these show-stoppers sell themselves.

The Water Lilies pictured above show both the bud stage (lower image) and full bloom stage (upper image). The full bloom stage Water Lilies were actually two of the bud stage Water Lilies that we held back and opened for the photograph.



water lily pink  water lily blue

Please consult with your sales representative for this weeks availability.