Amaryllis flowers commonly used in the floral trade are actually Hippeastrum. They’re also called “Barbados Lilies”. They are grown from tropical bulbs native to South America. To process Amaryllis flowers first cut 1″ from the bottom of the stem at an angle. Then dip the stem in a hydration solution such as Quick Dip. Finally, place the stems in a bucket of room temperature flower food such as; Aquaplus or Floralife. Ideally, storage temperatures should be between 33 to 35 degrees. Vase life is 7 – 10 days depending on bud stage and environmental conditions.

Click Here for a nice tip on how to avoid split stems on your amaryllis. 

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Amaryllis is seasonally available. It comes in shades of orange, pink, red, salmon, white, and bi-colors. They are sold individually by stem. Please consult with your salesperson for this week’s availability.